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Good evening everyone!

Good evening everyone!

Good evening everyone! Tomorrow night, we have another great interview with Kasira Elvie Potts!! You definitely don't want to miss it at 6pm cst! Here is her bio below:

Who am I? I am Kasira Elvie Cotton-Robertson-Potts who was raised in Hazel Crest Il by a single Christian mother. As a child in my school years, I was in special ed and was diagnosis with a behavioral disorder. Growing up I had no self-worth. I believe that is why I had experienced the things I did because of the lack of not feeling wanted and feeling different- the outcast-. Despite those feeling I was always a person who loved people and who loved to make everyone feel good and special, no matter who you were or how you looked. Walking into my adulthood I found myself looking for acceptance from the wrong men. Little did I know that my beginning life period was all a setup for the purpose God had for me.
I am proud to say that I am a Survivor from a Convert Domestic Abusive Relationship and Founder of Elvie Women Support Group. Also, I am a woman who is going through an ugly divorce and custody battle with my future Ex Narcissistic Husband. What I bring to the table is helping women that hide in secret and that is afraid of leaving their relationship. I am helping women to become bold and courageous. You are thinking how? Well, by helping them speak their truth! Within helping women speak their truth I help them learn how to forgive, how to help build their relationship with God, and learn how to love yourself. Through it all too I am helping build a community where women can help women HEAL. Through my journey I have and still am today learning how to endure while going through the storm. It is not about me knowing it all, but it is about me being transparent, real, and showing other women our experiences can help the next sister get through her stormy journey. I know my story will help change women and maybe men’s lives.

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